Your preventive maintenance done right

Hoppr CMMS uses the data from your machines to make organising and assigning industrial maintenance tasks for any production line fast and easy.

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Optimize Maintenance. Reduce Downtime.

Hoppr CMMS makes it easy for any manufacturer to manage and track their complete preventive maintenance process. This reduces unplanned downtime, avoids spare part stockouts and extends asset life.

  • 1.

    Manage your assets and maintenance tasks
    You can include instruction on how to perform the task as well as all required spare parts or specialist tools.

  • 2.

    Schedule & assign work orders with a click
    Seamlessly arrange your preventive maintenance tasks around planned machine stops to ensure maximum efficiency.

  • 3.

    Always learning and improving
    Our algorithms combined with your maintenanace history can help you adjust and optimize maintenance intervals.

Technical Services

Proactive suggestions for an optimised maintenance strategy across multiple lines and locations

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Maintenance Feedback

Our cloud CMMS makes it simple for assign tasks to your maintenance team and capture valuable information and feedback from them which keeps your line running smoothly.

Real-time Data

Hoppr can connect directly to your machine and uses real-time data - such as machine running hours - to make sure you always know which maintance should be scheduled next.

Integrated Procurement

Hoppr integrates seamlessly with many major procurement platforms, which means you don't need to add extra time-consuming steps to your existing spare parts ordering workflows.